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The effect of lubricant on the paint sand mill

Update time:2016-05-06 Click:1020second

In general, paint sand mill can not be used alone for grinding, and in addition to the lubricant and other auxiliary materials, paint sand mill in order to carry out grinding.

Lubricant in the paint sand mill grinding and polishing process, not only can blending Abrasives uniform load, sticky suction abrasive, dilution abrasive and lubricating and cooling effect, but also can only fat to the workpiece surface has scratches and promote oxidation chemistry.

There are many varieties of lubricants, and each has its characteristics, can be summarized into the following two categories:

(1) liquid lubricants: commonly used in kerosene, gasoline, oil, turbine oil, lard, industrial glycerin, alcohol, soap, water and water, etc..

(2)Solid lubricant: commonly used with stearic acid, stearic and paraffin, etc., in addition to oleic acid and fatty acids, mostly used to make grinding paste.

In the use of, in order to change the viscosity of the lubricant, strengthen the chemical and other auxiliary functions of the lubricant, and add the appropriate amount of turbine oil, lard, industrial glycerol and stearic acid, fatty acid, oleic acid, etc.. As for the specific plus or not, or how much, it should be determined according to the specific requirements of the grinding process. In the coarse grinding is not added or rarely, and in the fine grinding sand block must be considered when add turbine oil and stearic acid. In addition, soap, water or water in the use of grinding and polishing, to pay attention to add a small amount of rust inhibitor. For example, in the grinding of thread ring gauge, the use of water to join 5% sodium nitrite as a lubricant.

The practice shows that the choice of kerosene as lubricant can get better effect. Because the surface tension coefficient and the viscosity of kerosene is small, under the same grinding conditions, the grinding grain really bear large load, the pressure of the metal surface is deeper, cutting ability is stronger. And other oils, such as turbine oil, lard and other surface tension coefficient and viscosity is larger, under the same grinding conditions, the workpiece and the surface of the oil film thickness, grinding grain into the more shallow, cutting ability is weak. In the process of grinding, the oxide film on the surface of the workpiece, the contact area of the lapping tool is very small at the beginning of the grinding, and the unit pressure is larger. New bare surface instantaneous and oxidation, the newly formed oxide film was removed, so that, in the aforementioned oxidation layer so we removed and the formation process of, high convex on the surface of workpiece has been research flat, and the concave of the oxide film to not to be protective effect of oxidation. Therefore, lubricant surface tension coefficient and viscosity to the choice of proper, in order to make the abrasive pressure into the proper depth, so as to obtain higher cutting ability.

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