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What is the effect of superfine sand mill

Update time:2016-05-06 Click:860second

Superfine sand mill in the role of grinding work, as the hands of the carpenter saw, ax, chisel, planing and other tools as important. The material, microstructure, hardness and geometrical shape of the ultrafine grinding mill are the important factors that affect the quality of t. How to influence the quality of the workpiece, the cutting ability and the performance of the mill is directly affected by the quality of the superfine sand mill. Therefore, superfine sand mill plays a role to ensure that the grinding quality and grinding efficiency, or in other words, the superfine sand mill effect, on the one hand is used to on the surface of the block sand or sand; on the other hand is to pass the surface geometry precision of superfine sand mill to grind the workpiece.

Why ultrafine sand mill can play a role in ensuring the quality of A and grinding efficiency?

We might as well take the example of the cut and cut hair clippers as an example. For example, the working surface of the push shear wear is very serious (such as severe corrosion or fall, etc.), first of all, it is necessary to carry out a number of rough grinding sand. Although the process of machining accuracy is not high, just under the fine grinding process do pre processing, but if use superfine sand mill itself surface geometry precision is poor, such as uneven, superfine sand mill will the geometry of transfer to push shear, causing is machined surface is uneven, off the edge off angle and size inequality ills. In this way because of the poor quality of the work of the grinding, it can not be carried out under a fine grinding processing.

Even a rough grinding to ensure the machining accuracy required for fine grinding, if the surface geometry precision of using fine grinding superfine sand mill itself is poor, still not up to the machining accuracy of the grinding process requirements. For example, the surface of ultra-fine sand mill is concave, the research into the sliding surface is convex, so that their use will not be good, because the two work on the surface of the best is a little better.

Besides, superfine sand mill has its inherent block sand performance (refers to abrasive of superfine sand mill of embedded human nature, interlocking and block sand homogeneity). Some superfine sand mill is very easy to sand, and some are difficult to sand, and for the sand embedded sand mill, some grinding can continue to use many times, some of the research can not be used a few. The above examples show that the surface geometry of the super fine sand mill itself and the inherent properties of the fine sand mill will directly affect the quality of the workpiece and the size of the cutting capacity. The best super fine sand mill can play a role in ensuring the quality and efficiency of the grinding work.

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