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How to reduce the phenomenon of broken beads in grinding mill

Update time:2016-05-06 Click:837second

Sand mill gradually appeared in the enterprise as well as individuals, visible sand mill market penetration rate in continuous improvement, people on the sand mill only grinding material is also in constant improvement. In the face of different consumers, horizontal sand mill, nano sand mill, turbine sand mill and so on types of sand mill, in contrast to solve the wishes of all different needs. But no matter what type of sand mill will be a small defect.

What are the defects of the sand mill? Mainly due to the grinding process of sand mill will be the phenomenon of broken beads beads, a little effect on the quality of grinding. This is the result of the imagination that every user does not want to see, the need to know the reasons for the occurrence of. Mainly sand mill separator has wear, it is good or bad relationship between the grinding efficiency. Separator used material, is also very important, if the material is not good, it is prone to failure, the consequences of failure is the emergence of broken beads. In the inspection of the fault at the same time it should also check the separation system, to achieve the best results.

In addition to the effects of grinding machine internal separator parts, resulting in broken bead phenomenon and for the size of the abrasive material, size cannot be mixed, mixture of the size of the grinding beads not only on the grinding efficiency, but also cause damage to parts of the separator. Grinding bead quality is also a big impact, if it is not enough to cause the hardness of broken beads, so choose a high hardness of the grinding beads, sand mill material must be better, to grind out high quality products.

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