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Even a large horizontal sand mill has a duration of use

Update time:2016-05-06 Click:818second

There is such a word in the field of mechanical equipment:The larger the machine the harder the maintenance, the use of shorter and shorter. Indeed, large machinery and equipment maintenance of the place is too much, can not be fully maintained, will reduce its use. So for large equipment maintenance needs more carefully, not only to use the term advance. Large horizontal sand mill is also the case, the need to maintain more.

How to maintain it has become a major problem to solve, the surface and the inside of the maintenance and protection to get better results. First, the need to go through the grinding of the grinding machine of the grinding machine, can not add enough of the grinding material. If the temperature is too high, it should reduce the loading amount, to control the grinding temperature in the ideal temperature range, if the product outlet temperature is too low, you can consider to increase the speed before the gradual increase of medium to improve efficiency. Of course are available in other areas, it is recommended in allowed to try best to raise the material viscosity, in order to reduce abrasion; materials with high hardness, need dispersing and grinding, can't use this grinding, the horizontal sand mill are beneficial.

Not just look at the outside, the appearance of seemingly strong, in fact, the heart is very fragile; the words of the machine are common, especially large horizontal sand mill need maintenance, can really make it strong, play a greater value.

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