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Whether the material is able to prevent ultraviolet ray after grinding through the horizontal sand mill

Update time:2016-05-06 Click:761second

Experience the vicissitudes of the years,Now the earth has been plagued with problems, whether it is in the ecological or in the atmosphere, are faced with such a fate; ecological destruction is mainly soil erosion, vegetation suffers serious destruction, green coverage area will continue to decline, etc.; and the destruction of the atmosphere most affected is subjected to a large area of ultraviolet radiation, let people exposed in front of it. In such a case, would like to know if the material can withstand the UV test after the grinding of the horizontal sand mill。

In such a situation, people of environmental protection consciousness constantly enhanced, the rise of environmental awareness, enterprises begin to move towards the development of green science and technology, traditional hardening technology is gradually eliminated, conventional thermal hardening agent and the need to consume more energy, after a grinder for grinding the paint only light driver can react, and the reaction time is quite short, when after the completion of the reaction can in the production line judge immediately and quality is in compliance with the requirements, for the finished product production is a big help, but in the early days of the establishment must equipment investment. Now as long as the products through the grinding of abrasive products have to withstand ultraviolet radiation to forge a better pigment.

Can be seen today's products not only can withstand the baptism of the ultraviolet, but also accept the ultraviolet has become a habit, not through ultraviolet light, it is difficult to become a good product. Whether it is not from the bedroom of the grinding machine grinding out of the products, or other equipment, can be carried in the existing environment of ultraviolet light。Experience the vicissitudes of the years

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