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Finer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly, energy-saving nano sand mill

Update time:2016-05-06 Click:738second

Sand mill is a good instrument for manufacturing powder, it through the high-speed rotation of the spiral reamer blade and the inner wall of the wheel corrugated will solid abrasive materials smash to granular. But, in general, will continue to accelerate the mechanical rotating reamer, granular solid powder has gradually become. The nano grinding machine is a mechanical seal, very in place. Therefore, the material in the grinding process can not fly out of the main grinding box body. And because it is sealed, it will not make the inside of the slurry powder and air contact oxidation or the main mill wall of the slurry curing.

Because of the high requirement of the whole machine to seal, the manufacturing process is relatively complex. Moreover, the machine for the powder products for the high-end car paint, you can imagine, the high car paint is so expensive, the manufacture of paint equipment can not be cheap equipment. There are applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, paper and other industries. Therefore, the type of machine used for the production of high-end products, but also can be used for the manufacture of general civil products.

Nanometer sand mill installation is simple, does not need to use a drill base foot screw. However, the equipment must be placed on the ground level. In this way, the work can be stable, and can prolong the service life of the reamer. For the type of equipment, it has two such as discharge port and discharge port is automatic control relay, achieve feeding and discharging balance, neither a temporary shortage phenomenon, also does not appear out of the feed inlet products too much, was forced to stop feeding the phenomenon. Although the device is said to be a small noise, but its high frequency noise, the impact on the human ear is still great, so, should do a good job protection measures.

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