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NL-1Nanometer sand mill

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NL-1Nano ceramic sand mill

NL-1Nano ceramic sand mill
Detailed information :  
1)All ceramic design, wear small, no pollution to the material
2)Special hollow turbine rod pin design, high grinding efficiency
3)High speed centrifugal separation system, the material is smooth without blockage
4)The perfect cooling system, so that the material to achieve room temperature grinding
5)Double end mechanical seal, no leakage
6)Can use a very small grinding media, fineness can be 10nm 
Research laboratory development, nano materials, thermal insulation coatings, ceramic ink, nano coatings, catalysts, battery materials, electronic materials, nano ceramics, ink, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pigments, etc.
Detailed parameters: 
Barrel Volume:1L
Volume of cylinder: 1L 
Power:   4KW
Voltage:  380V 
Rotation of Dispersing Axis:3000r/min
Transfer pump: pump
Max Pressure of Pump:o.3Mpa            
Mechanical sealing:Germany Burgmann
Stuff: about 75% of barrel volume
Productive capability: 1-20L/h



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